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Overview The U.S.-China relationship requires a new framework reflecting the countries’ evolving interests. China’s growing economy and global influence demands a shift in its approach while the U.S. must recognize China’s importance and the best way to coexist for a more constructive future. Both nations have competing interests, but there are common issues and bilateral economical benefits. This Workshop covers the countries’ complex history and a path forward. 

Time codes

0:00-3:40 Introductions 

3:40-8:23 Mary Kay Magistad – Setting the scene 

8:24–24:19 Robert Daly  – History and Context 

24:19-40:31 David Firestein – Issues and Collaboration 

40:53-55:15 Mary Kay Magistad – Narratives on US China Relations 

55:18-1:20:09 Panel Discussion and Q&A 

1:20:10 to 1:32:01  Teachers Exchange

Publish Date July 7, 2023
For Teachers 1990 Institute 4 teachers,  1990 portal with curated resources on China and AAPI,past recordings of teachers workshops since 2013 and 1990 program information.

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