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The San Francisco State University (SFSU) College of Extended Learning will be giving 1.6 Continuing Education Units (CEU) credit to teachers that participate in our 2018 Teachers Workshop.

The SFSU CEU registration fee is $200.  The 1990 Institute will remit the registration fee to SFSU after you have completed all the attendance requirements of the Workshop. The $200 registration fee will be deducted from your stipend.

To apply and receive the CE credit:

Though we have already asked you whether you are interested in the CEU in your application, this was non-binding as we were merely sampling for people’s interested in the CEU. You can decide now whether you want to receive the credit or not.

Things that you need to do to obtain the CEU:

(1) Obtain a San Francisco State Student  ID (SFSU ID) for the CEU Registration form.  See Instructions on obtaining or finding an existing SFSU ID.

(2)  Download and fill out the 2018 CEU Registration Form.

(3) Bring this completed form to on Friday, July 27.

Note that in order to receive the CEU credit, you must meet all of the obligations for receiving the stipend, listed below:

  • Attend all sessions of the Workshop.
  • Actively participate in the curriculum development sessions.
  • Submit the 2-day feedback forms and at least one Instructional Plan, ideally by the end of the second day of the Workshop (July 27), but no later than August 4th if you wish to receive the CEU credit.

Within four weeks after the Workshop,  you should receive a confirmation of your CEU credit from SFSU.

Questions?  Contact