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Since 2013, the 1990 Institute has conducted annual two-day summer workshops on modern China. The primary goal of these workshops is to inspire, encourage, and enable grade 6-12 teachers to include modern China in their curriculum.



To address this goal, our workshops are unique in that:

Relevant Themes

Each workshop focuses on a currently relevant and thought provoking theme that would be interesting and exciting to study in the classroom.


Inspirational Speakers
Uniquely qualified speakers are invited based on their expertise on the subjects being addressed. These speakers represent diverse and balanced points of view and come from both academic and non-academic worlds, including lawyers, business people, advocates, authors, as well as university professors — both U.S. and Chinese nationals.


Stimulating Teacher Collaboration
Teachers have opportunities to meet and collaborate with fellow teachers during break-out and curriculum development sessions, which are attended by speakers as well.


Rich Resource Materials
Teachers leave the workshop with a wealth of materials they can use in their classrooms.  These include professionally developed costly curriculum materials, access to videos tapes of the workshops, and lesson plans developed by fellow teachers.


We provide a $200 stipend for San Francisco Bay Area teachers, a $300 stipend (starting in 2015) for teachers from California but out of the Bay Area, and a $400 stipend for teachers from other states (starting in 2017).

Breakfast and lunch are included free at the Workshop.


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