The purpose of the Curriculum Development Program is to collect lesson plans that teachers can use immediately to add modern China into their curricula.  Quality submissions will be published on our website and receive awards from $250 to $1000.

We invite all teachers to participate, regardless of whether they have attended any of our workshops or not. The lesson plans you submit should be something you are planning to teach or have already taught. However, we particularly like implemented lessons that illustrate how modern China topics can be successfully integrated into the standard curricula.


Lesson Topic:
Your lesson can be on any modern China topic.  (“Modern” is defined as between 1978 and now.)  It can be based on, but not required to, any of the topics presented in any of the 1990 Institute Teachers Workshops. It could be lessons where modern China is he main topic.  Or, it could be a lesson on a general topic, such as technology, in which aspects of modern China are included.

Grade Level & Subject:
Your lesson must be appropriate for any 6-12 grade subject and includes some aspect of modern China.

Lesson Duration:

We prefer lessons that require 1-5 classroom sessions.   However,  we will make exceptions based on merit.

Lesson Implementation:
Preferably, your lesson has already been taught in the classroom. However,  we will evaluate lessons that have not been taught.

Who Can Participate:
Participation in this program is not limited to past Workshop attendees.   Anyone can participate by first submitting an Instructional Plan to the Institute for evaluation.

Number of Submitters:
A lesson can be submitted by a team.  In which case, the award, if any, will be divided evenly to members of the team.

Number of Submissions:
Each person or team can submit any number of lessons.  Each lesson is evaluated based on its own merit.


Use of Chinese Language

You are welcome to submit lessons that have been conducted in Chinese,  taught in a Chinese language class, or include companion sources that are in Chinese. However,  we would appreciate that you provide English translations for these lessons and companion sources.



Lessons that meet the quality requirements and the 1990 Institute’s publishing policy will be published on our website and could receive an award anywhere from  $250 to $1000. The exact amount of the award will be based on factors such as content and organization of the lesson,  number of classroom periods covered,  use of materials presented at our Workshops, innovation, creativeness, etc.  There is no limit on how many awards, and at what amounts, will be given out.   The 1990 Institute reserves the right to give any number of awards, including none.


When to Submit 

You can submit a lesson any time during the year,  probably best when you have just taught the lesson. We will make the determination on  whether you would receive an award within one month of submission.

Note that you may be asked to make some edits for awarded submissions that are to be published on our website.


How to Submit

Notify Us of Your Intention:  You can, but are not required to, submit an outline of your lesson plan by filling in an Instructional Planning Worksheet first.   This way we can decide on whether your lesson will be a good candidate for our lesson plan library.  This will also give us a chance to contact you to work out alternatives that could make your lesson fit in better with our overall content. Please do submit this form especially if you don’t intend to use any of our Workshop topics in your lesson.

Prepare the Necessary Materials:  Download the Lesson Template from this website and fill in the information requested in the Template.  Make sure you address all the required items in the template.  Organize all the files that are to be attached for the lesson plan.

Submit Your Lesson Plan:  Upload your lesson plan template and supporting documents using the Lesson Plan Submission Form on our website.



For any questions or problems,  please contact