The following are the PPTs used in the presentations.  We will be adding to this list soon after the presentation itself.


Scott Rozelle Searching for the Source of China’s Human Capital Crisis ScottRozelle-China-Human-Capital-TW-2018.pdf
Clayton Dube US-China Relations ClayDube-US-China-Relations-TW-2018.pdf
Qin Qin Li Changes and Opportunities in Rural China Spring-Bud-2018-TW.pdf
Tobias Smith  2 Stories of Law  TobiasSmith-2-Stories-of-Law-TW-2018.pdf
Ben Guggenheim Perspective of An American High School Student in Beijing BenGuggenheim-American-Student-in-China-TW-2018.pdf
Clayton Dube Review of Day 1 ClayDube-day-1-review-TW-2018.pdf
Richard Madsen Religious Revival  RichardMadsen-Religious-Revival-TW-2018.pdf
Janet Yang Contemporary China as Reflected Through Its Cinema JanetYang-Contemporary-China-Film-Industry-TW-2018.pdf
Mei Zhang Rural China in the Age of Experience Economy MeiZhang-Rural-China-in-the-Age-of-Experience-Economy.pdf
Mengping Li Glimpse of a Chinese Millennial’s Life MengpingLi-Life-of-Chinese-Millennial.pptx