Dr. Mark Henderson
Summary Dr. Henderson indicates that historically China has emphasized living in harmony with nature. However, China’s transition from a rural agriculture community to an urban, industrial community has had detrimental impact on the environment both globally and locally. Dr. Henderson presents convincing graphs on the effect of this transition to global climate change and its effect on China itself. However, the Chinese Government is paying attention “to make our country green”, people’s consciousness are being raised, local people are making many more protests appealing to the Central Government on environmental issues, and a number of international corporations manufacturing in China are also raising environmental standards.
Keywords climate change, environmental issues, rural agriculture community
Publish Date August 5, 2013
Source Speech given at 1990 Institute Teachers Workshop on “China’s Growning Global Impact”, August 5-6, 2013, at San Mateo County Office of Education, Redwood City, CA.
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