Speaker Dr. Thomas Gold
Summary Dr Gold draws a fascinating and clear distinction between Chinese Communism under Mao (1949-1979)  and post Mao (1979 to present), and shows how Chinese Communism has radically been transformed under Deng Xiaoping’s leadership since 1979. Whereas the Communist Party, set up in 1949,  was based on Marxist principles and Leninist organizational theory, with a tightly controlled top down hierarchical ruling system, the current Chinese Communist party, since Deng Xiaoping is focused on Rice Bowl Issues, on improving the standard of living, and allowmg people to have more control of their own lives and economic freedom.  Communist Ruling party today even strives for the traditional and vague Confucian values of Stability and Harmony.
Keywords Chinese Communism, Leninism, Marxism, economic freedom, economic reform, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution
Publish Date August 4, 2015
Source Speech given at 1990 Institute Teachers Workshop on “Modern China Through the Lens of Social Change and Reform”, August 3-4, 2015, at San Mateo County Office of Education, Redwood City, CA.
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