This post is used to test the DISQUS commenting/discussion function only.  It serves no other purpose.

(1) add a comment by a logged in user (my admin login)

Got message that says “Teacher’s Workshop requires you to verify your email address before posting. Send verification email to”   I try to do that but the dialog box kept on asking me to resent.

(2) Try to add a comment by guest –

There s a login prompt,  but it only gives me the option to login to Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.  None of these should be acceptable logins.  Only a teacher.199institute login is acceptable!   “signup wih Disqus”  is also not acceptable.

(3) The verification was to verify generic.1990 with Disqus.  Received verification notice in generic e-mail. Added a comment from logged in admin.   Comment shows up in post viewed by guest,  as well as by another logged in user.  In dashboard,  comment showed up with option of “unapprove”.  After clicking this,  the comment is still showing up.

(4) No SAVE (or facimili) button to add a comment by a regular logged in user.  There is a “Post as 1990” button on my admin based page


5 Responses to “DISQUS TEST”

  1. lucilleclee

    fourth comment

  2. lucilleclee

    I posted 2 comments before, but it did not show up in the dashboard comment list

  3. lucilleclee

    Can I add another one without going through the rigmorole?

  4. 1990institute

    The last comment should not be showing up! It has not been approved.

  5. 1990institute

    Apparently it was to verify generic.1990institute with DISQUS? Got verification e-mail.

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