Speaker Mr. Thomas Klitgaard
Summary How the Chinese government addresses the environmental issues in China can be summarized in the phrase “Bu pa man, jiu pa zhan (不怕慢,就怕站)” which means one should not be afraid of going slow, but rather be afraid of standing still.  Mr. Klitgaard, who has been working with China since 1979, pointed out the fundamental differences between the Constitution of the United States and China and how that explains the Chinese government’s response, or seemingly lack of response, in dealing with the byproduct of her rapid industrialization.
Keywords environment, Chinese Constitution
Publish Date August 4, 2014
Source Speech given at 1990 Institute Teachers Workshop on “Balancing Eonomic Development ant Environmental Sustainability”, August 4-5, 2014, at San Mateo County Office of Education, Redwood City, CA.
Speaker Bio  Thomas Klitgaard Bio

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