Retirees play Taichi during their morning exercise on a hazy day in Fuyang city, in central China's Anhui province, Monday Jan. 14, 2013. Air pollution is a major problem in China due to the country's rapid pace of industrialization, reliance on coal power, explosive growth in car ownership and disregard for environmental laws. (AP Photo) CHINA OUT Using Infographics to Understand China’s Pollution Challenges
Author: Sarah Bremer
Summary: Students will conduct research to learn about the major causes and ramifications of China’s air, soil, and water pollution.  They will examine impacted parties and potential solutions by reading a variety of Chinese and international sources.  Finally, they will synthesize and share their findings in the form of infographics and a Socratic seminar.
Grade Level and Courses:
  • Modern World History – 9-10th grades;
  • U.S. History – 11th grade;
  • Government and Economics – 12th grade;
  • Human Geography;
  • Asian Studies;
  • International Relations.
Subject Area: China’s environmental problems
Keywords: environment, pollution
Lesson Duration: 3-5 days (depending upon class period length and amount of time given in class to complete the research).
Published: September 30, 2015
Source 1990 Institute 2015 Lesson Plan Contest


Lesson Plan (PDF):  Using Infographics to Understand China’s Pollution Challenges

Supporting Document (PDF): Student Instructions



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