US-China Forum:

US-China Strategic Dialogue Simulation

Author: Rhonda Nagao
Essential Question: How can dialogue between China and the US help to better the understanding amongst the two countries, the Asia-Pacific Region, and the world?
Summary: Students will be assigned roles and then conduct research to learn about each country’s stance on various issues, including trade, territory, climate change, cyber-security, and counter-terrorism. The two delegations will meet to discuss each of the issues and determine if an agreement  can be made that will lead to a better relationship between the two countries, as well as enhancing each country’s standing in the world and maintaining peace in the region/world.  The agreement will be communicated in the form of a communique, declaration, or press release,
Grade Level: 9th-12th grades
Subject Areas: World History, US History, Global Studies/Global Issues/Contemporary Issues
Keywords: US-China relations, diplomacy
Lesson Duration: 3-5 days (50-60 minute class periods)
Published: November 30, 2016
Source: 1990 Institute 2016 Lesson Plan Contest


Lesson Plan (PDF):  US-China Forum: US-China Strategic Dialogue Simulation

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