Speaker Helen Zia
Summary Ms. Zia drew on her own research and experiences to discuss how to combat systemic oppression against Asian Americans.   She described the pendulum of racism towards Asian Americans starting from the Chinese,  then the Japenese, then the Vietnamese, Korean, …and now  back Chinese – a pandemic of racism!  She believed that this is partly due to angst and frustration, resulting in blaming others.
Excerpt Why is it so difficult for many in the US to see people of Asian ancestry as Americans?
Curator Notes There is a long discussion on various aspect of racism that were not addressed in the formal presentation.
Keywords racism – Asian Americans
Publish Date July 31, 2020
Source Presentation given at Asian Society and 1990 Institute Teachers Workshop on “Technology and Humanity”, July 31-August 1, 2020, virtual via Zoom.
Speaker Bio Helen Zia is an author and activist  
Others See reource list provided by Helen Zia


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