Technology and Humanity

Speaker Francis Lee
Summary Mr. Lee talked about the different sectors of technology that either China or US is ahead.  The reason he gave for China’s advance in cell phone usage and infrasture development is actually due to the lack of legacy systems that imped new developments.  He also credits China’s emphasize on STEM eduction and government support of technology development that have enabled China’s rapid advancements.
Excerpt Emphasize on STEM education and government support of technology develop  is key to China’s technology advancements.
Curator Notes This is the second of the lectures by Mr. Lee on technology at the Teachers Workshop.  See for this lecture.
Keywords Technology
Publish Date July 31, 2020
Source Presentation given at Asian Society and 1990 Institute Teachers Workshop on “Technology and Humanity”, July 31-August 1, 2020, virtual via Zoom.
Speaker Bio Former president & CEO of Synaptics


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