Speaker Clayton Dube
Summary Dube discusses the growing popularity of recording daily activities with videos that allow for greater representation of various Chinese lifestyles from those who live in the rural countryside to influencers who stream their daily activities.
Excerpt Technology – smart phones – is now giving the average Chinese,  rural or urban, the ability for self-expression.
Curator Notes Mr. Dube also touched on China’s large market size and its comparative advantage in manufacturing and efficiency makes it unlikely for the U.S. to completely decouple its economy from China’s. However, some decoupling will likely occur because of U.S. security concerns, the development of resilience in multiple markets, and environmental sustainability. While Chinese technology and platforms have influenced many different countries, its development has also led to environmental concerns such as air pollution and waste.
Keywords culture, economics, social media
Publish Date August 1, 2020
Source Presentation given at Asian Society and 1990 Institute Teachers Workshop on “Technology and Humanity”, July 31-August 1, 2020, virtual via Zoom.
Speaker Bio Executive Director of  China Institute at USC.


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