2020 Teachers Workshop Introduction

Speaker Clayton Dube
Summary Some decoupling may be strategically smart to build resilience to our supply chains, but total decoupling is not possible as our economies are just so intertwined that to decouple would actually threaten ourselves.  Mr. Dube also addressed the continuing deteriation of U.S. public opinion regarding China  precipitated by COVID-19.
Excerpt US-China decoupling is not possible!
Curator Notes Mr. Dube has been the moderator and speaker for many of our early Teachers Workshops.  This was his usual introduction which touches on a number of different areas, difficult to keep track, but extremely informative.
Keywords economics, trade, public opinion
Publish Date July 31, 2020
Source Presentation given at Asian Society and 1990 Institute Teachers Workshop on “Technology and Humanity”, July 31-August 1, 2020, virtual via Zoom.
Speaker Bio Executive Director of  China Institute at USC.


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