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Summary Experts advice on how to avoid being wrongly prosecuted for non-disclosure and other administrative wrongdoings, based on the Department of Justice’s and FBI’s “China Initiative” aimed at stopping and preventing espionage.

Many of the cases that have pursued so far have not been for actual espionage, but rather for mere non-disclosure of other sources of income or other affiliations when submitting U.S. federal grant applications. There have also been several cases where scientists have been wrongfully charged, where there has been no wrongdoing whatsoever.

Keywords espionage, scientists
Publish Date Octobeer 30, 2020

Producers:Jeremy Goldkorn Luke Springer; Narrator: Kaiser Kuo; Editing: Luke Springer;  Graphics: Luke Springer John Oquist

Other Notes Those who have been wrongfully accused, as well as academic and legal experts, believe that  the U.S.’s China Initiative puts a target on the backs of all people of Chinese ethnic origin who maintain any active ties to China.


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