A Look at Douyin, Tiktok’s Chinese Sister App  

Publisher Canada Media Fund
Author Diana Liu

China’s version of TikTok, Douyin, boasts 400 million daily active users and is used somewhat differently than its US counterpart. While many users of TikTok in the US are young people, Douyin’s users come from all age groups as the platform markets itself as a knowledge-based video sharing platform. Douyin now positions itself as a professional platform for businesses and influencers with its integrated e-commerce and advertising functions that allow users to purchase products shown in videos.

Excerpt Unlike TikTok, Douyin bills itself as “China’s largest platform for knowledge, arts, and cultural heritage.”
Curator Notes  
Publish Date March 10, 2020
Source URL https://cmf-fmc.ca/now-next/articles/douyin-tiktok-china


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