Confucius institutes in the US: Platform of promoting China’s soft power

Publisher De Gruyter
Author Yun Xiao

A study that examines the driving force behind the China’s successful “soft power” strategy with the Confucius Institute (CI).

The purpose of CI is to increase the understanding between China and other countries as well as to build a favorite image of “a responsible big nation” in the international community.  The first CI was launched in Seoul, South Korea, in November 2004.  A British Council 2013 reported that by 2012, CI took 31% of the world’s total and 79% of the US’s total cultural institutions.

CIs in the US are known mainly for providing Chinese language and culture teachers in secondary schools.

Excerpt Confucius Institute – the driving force behind China’s “soft power” strategy.
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Publish Date 2017
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