The Model Minority Myth| Asian Americans

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After WW II Asian-Americans didn’t want to be viewed as a threat to national security like Japanese Americans were when they were imprisoned during WWII. They wanted to be seen as “good Americans”, which developed into the idea of the “model minority myth,” recasting Asian Americans as prime examples of representing the quintessential American values of opportunity, meritocracy, and the American Dream.

During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, the concept of the “model minority” became a stereotype used to pit Asian Americans against other communities of color, particularly Black Americans. This stereotype also hid how Asian Americans were discriminated against based on racist policies, such as being excluded from living in certain neighborhoods. Told by primary sources, Asian-Americans are the narrators of their own story in this PBSLearningMedia.

Excerpt Asian-Americans telling stories on how they have been affected by the Model Minority myth.
Curator Notes This is a prime resource for learning about the Model Minority Myth and Asian-American history from the people affected by it firsthand.  It also provides support materials for teachers. See also Adam Ruins Everything.
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