The Gaokao: History, Reform, and Rising International Significance of China’s National College Entrance Examination

Publisher World Education News & Reviews
Author Mini Gu and Jessica Magaziner
Summary The “gaokao” (High Exam) remains the primary gateway for students seeking admission to higher education institutions, as admission to top-tier institutions depends on high scores on the exam. Those that attend the top-tier schools supposedly have better chances to pursue postgraduate study in China or abroad, and obtain high-level employment. The test is taken seriously by the whole country.  Cities where the test is conducted make accommodations for noise as well as put in place extremely strict security measures. The gaokao has increasingly been accepted by universities in other countries as proof of academic eligibility.
Excerpt Since 1977, the Gaokao exam has been the only admission requirement for higher education in China.
Publish Date May 2, 2016
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