Racism, sexism must be considered in Atlanta case involving killing of six Asian women

Publisher NBC News
Author Kimmy Yam
Summary Experts say that much of the sexual misconduct can be traced in part to the rampant perpetuation of stereotypes around Asian women as exotic, hypersexualized and submissive.  This results in the perception that Asian Americans are less of a threat and easier to take advantage of.
Excerpt Given the historical fetishization of Asian women,  it’s nearly impossible to divorce race from the discourse.
Curator Notes This is the second of a group of articles on the Atlantic Killings targeted towards Asian women  in March 2021
Publish Date March 17, 2021
Source URL https://www.nbcnews.com/news/asian-america/racism-sexism-must-be-considered-atlanta-case-involving-killing-six-n1261347



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