The Impact of Individuals

Publisher Economist
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Summary Asian American that have contributed to the US in multiple disciplines:


Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu, The First Lady of Physics;

IM Pei, reknown architect;

Jerry Yang, creator of Yahoo and philanthropist

Stevem Chu, Nobel Prize Winner, US Secretary of Energy under President Obama

Yoyo Ma, cellist and humanist

Tung-Yen Lin, bridge designer and builder

Carol Wong Pietsch, Clerk of the Supreme Court;

David Ho, research in HIV/AIDS;

Debra Wong Yang, California State judge and assistant US Attorney in LA;

Lulu Chow Wang,  philanthropist;

Oscar Tang, philanthropist

Wong Kim Ark, landmark Supreme Court case on birthright citizenship


Excerpt Asian Americans have contributed to many different disciplines in the US.
Curator Notes Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu also appears in another post: 8 Groundbreaking Contributions by Asian Americans Through History.
Publish Date May, 2021
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