Migrant Workers Behind China’s Economic Miracle Are Miserable

Publisher The Atlantic
Author Amy Hawkins and James Thorpe
Summary Migrants in Chinese cities have not experienced the prosperity that those in China’s middle class have experienced over the last decades.  Besides experiencing many social and economic problems,  their work conditions can also expose them to greater air pollution and other unhealthy environments.  In addition, China’s institutional barriers also bar migrants from certain jobs and prevents them from accessing resources that would allow them to uplift themselves and change class status.  
Excerpt China’s cities are becoming more and more hostile to the people on whose backs they were built, and the migrants are not feeling the gains of the government’s promise.
Curator Notes  
Publish Date May 31, 2019
Source URL https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2019/05/china-migrant-workers-miserable/589423/



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