What is the Court System Like in China – China Legal Research Guide

Publisher China Justice Observer
Author China Laws Portal Team
Summary The courts in China are divided into four levels with descending order of powers from the Supreme People’s Court (SPC), to the high people’s courts, to the intermediate people’s courts, and lastly, to the primary people’s courts. Each court has jurisdiction over cases within the territorial scope of their authority.  There are also specialized courts such as military courts that mainly exercise jurisdiction over internal military matters,  Maritime Courts, Financial Courts, and Intellectual Property Courts. 
Excerpt The “PRC Organic Law of the People’s Courts” defines China’s court system and the internal structure of Chinese courts.
Curator Notes This source is referenced in The 1990 Institute’s Guide to China’s Legal System and Important Laws.
Publish Date May 23, 2020
Source URL https://www.chinajusticeobserver.com/a/what-is%20the-court-system-like-in-china



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