One-Child Policy

Publisher Investopedia
Author Adam Hayes
Summary Initially, the one-child policy was meant to be a temporary measure to control rapid population growth in urban areas.  Rrural families were often allowed to have a second child if their first child was a girl, and ethnic minorities were not subjected to this policy. In urban areas, those who violated the policy were subjected to fines and restricted access to government assistance, and some cases forced abortions and mass sterilizations.  This policy officially ended in 2015 to allow couples to have two children, and in 2021, up to three children. This policy was ended after realizing that the nation had too few young people entering the labor force to provide for the older population’s retirement.
Excerpt The one-child policy has reduced the fertility rate considerably but also skewed China’s gender ratio toward boys as people preferred to abort or abandon their female babies.
Curator Notes This source is referenced in The 1990 Institute’s Guide to China’s Legal System and Important Laws.
Publish Date August 24, 2021
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