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Overview Our video series, “China in Perspective,” is designed to expose you to interesting and insightful information about contemporary China to better understand this complex and intriguing country of 1.4 billion people. This video is a primer for the series, providing a general overview of the demographic breakdown of the Chinese population, from wealth distribution to education, to social media and video game usage, and more! 

This is a companion video to another video in our China in Perspective series, “A Tale of Two Countries,” which compares the demographics of the U.S. and China, the two biggest economies in the world. See it here.

00:11 Are All Chinese Communists?

00:22 Are All Chinese of the Same Ethnicity?

00:30 Gender Ratio & Age Group

00:45 Literacy Rate & Education Level

01:06 Labor Force

01:11 Annual Income & Wealth Distribution

01:26 Religion

01:32 Internet Connectivity

01:47 Smartphone Users & Video Game Market

Publish Date October 29, 2021
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