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Overview The economic rise in China in the past 50 years resulted in tremendous changes in its citizens’ daily lives and can be illustrated by the contents of “Mrs. Wong’s” purse. From the end of the Cultural Revolution to the opening of China and to the lives of its people today, there have been enormous changes in virtually every aspect of a person’s life in China. Although Mrs. Wong is a fictitious character in the above video, her experience reflects that of many Chinese people living through five decades of policy and economic change. This page contains additional materials, including those the 1990 Institute used as references for the video, for further exploration of the subject; as well as a lesson guide and other materials for 9-12 grade teachers.

Video Time Codes

0:000:42 The Beginning of a 50 Year Story

0:431:26 What was in Mrs. Wong’s Purse in the 1970s? 

1:273:38 Life in China during the Cultural Revolution 

3:394:27 Life after the Death of Mao since 1979  

4:285:10 China’s Opening and Reform since 1992

5:115:25 China’s Economic Phenomenon since 2000 

5:268:00 What is in Mrs. Wong’s Purse in Present Day China?

Publish Date February 28, 2022
For Teachers Downloadable Lesson Guide: Mrs. Wong’s Purse Lesson Guide, 1990 Institute

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Lesson Plan and resources  | Standard SPICE Project

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