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Overview This animated video looks at the change in U.S. and China’s 40 year relationship and how technology is at the center of their challenges. Can relationship counseling help? Resources are included on this page for a deeper understanding of technology and technology’s importance to the U.S. and China and the global arena. A downloadable Lesson Guide on this subject appropriate for high school and college learners is also available.

Time Codes

0:00 0:22 US and China at Counseling. 

0:23 0:50 US and China Relationship Since 1979

0:51 1:45 The Quadrupets 

1:46 3:22 Advice on US China Relationship

3:23 3:45 Credits

Publish Date February 14, 2022
For Teachers: Downloadable U.S.-China Relations Science and Technology Lesson Guide for 9-12 teachers.
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