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Overview The opening of China after the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976 brought rapid economic growth and increased wealth and purchasing power to its people. The rise in consumption over the years has its impact on the environment. Trash, especially plastic waste, is a common problem in Chinese cities as well as other cities around the world. Chinese urban millennials are becoming more aware of the litter on their city streets and the connection between consumption and the environment. This Reference Library page provides you with more information about plogging (combining jogging with picking up litter), plastic waste and what the Chinese government is doing about it, and the impact of China’s decision on banning recycled plastic imports.

Video Time Codes:

0:00 Intro to Plogging

0:25 Ming and the Trash Running Group

1:23 Summer and Her Changing View on Trash and Environment

2:42 Ming Leading the Trash Running Group

3:26 Ming’s View on Environment

Publish Date March 18, 2022
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  • The country generates the most plastic waste overall but per capita consumption is a fraction of that in Australia and US
  • China generated about 18kg (40lbs) of plastic waste per person during the year but that was still only a third of the average 59kg each Australian threw away. The United States was second on the list at 53kg per person and South Korea third at 44kg.

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