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Overview We sent a film team onto the streets of China to conduct candid interviews and find out what people think about America. Do you wonder if the way your counterparts in China think is different from what’s shown in the news? Do they have an accurate impression of America? Watch the video and hear in-depth interviews from different millennials in China. This page contains additional resources for further exploration of the subject, as well as a lesson guide and other materials for 9-12 grade teachers.

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0:17 What do you think of the United States?

1:14 What do you think are the strengths of the United States and China?

2:06 What do you think of American millennials?

3:18 What is your favorite American product?

3:37 What issues do you care about and what are your concerns?

5:26 Do you feel that you have a better quality of life than your parents’ generation?

6:40 Where do you get your news or information?

7:28 What has been the most life-changing moment in your life?

Publish Date April 8, 2022
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