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Overview Who was Bruce Lee? Trailblazing film star, martial arts icon, or popular philosopher? Taken all together, he was the master of influence long before it became common to discuss influencers in today’s digital world. Considered the most influential martial artist of all time, Bruce carved his own path and became known for bridging the gap between East and West as he grew to become a screen legend on both sides of the Pacific while introducing aspects of Eastern philosophy in popular culture stateside. Did you know that Bruce also welcomed all races to train at his martial arts studio despite experiencing racial discrimination personally and professionally? Could his biggest impact be helping us see all the potential ways we have to be true to ourselves and make a difference? Be like water and flow along with us as our new video educates us on Bruce’s story from a new angle. 

Video Time Codes:

0:01 Introduction 

2:30 Hybridity and Open Borders

4:41 Hollywood – The Sign of the Times  

8:57 Martial Arts 2.0 – Absorb Useful – Reject Useless 

11:47 Racial Solidarity – See Character Not Color 

13:14 Enter the Dragon – A Top 100 Roar of All Time 

15:22 The Legacy – Keep your Mind Open 

18:06 Credits 

Publish Date November 27, 2022
For 9-12 Teachers TBD
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Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon shares the concepts at the core of his philosophies, showing how they can serve as tools of personal growth and self-actualization. Through stories from her father’s life and from her own journey in embodying these lessons, Shannon presents these philosophies in tangible, accessible ways.

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