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Overview Journey through the treacherous and brave path of the Asian Americans who came to the U.S. before us. At times, arriving freely and by choice. At times, arriving forcibly; coerced; out of necessity. And for decades, excluded and barred from entry. Sometimes with a choice to stay, sometimes with no choice but to stay. Through the lens of the earliest surviving films and the eyes and pens of historical illustrators and photographers, see how, together as a community, they endured politics, imperialism, capitalistic development, and xenophobia. How their tenacity helped shape immigrant rights, not just for Asian Americans, but for many who are citizens of America today. This Reference Library page provides the background materials for each chapter as well as a ready-to-use downloadable Lesson Guide.

Video Time Codes: 

0:01 Introduction to Waves of Immigrants – The Asian American Journey

1:13 The First Wave: Our Nation’s Birth (Pre-1776 – 1812)

2:39 The Second Wave: Period of Opportunity (1830s – 1860s)

5:36 The Third Wave: Period of Discrimination & Exclusion (1870s – 1950s)

11:09 The Fourth Wave: Period of Preference & Growth (1960s – 1970s)

12:05 The Fifth Wave: Period of Refuge & Shift in Labor Force (1970s – 2020s)

13:34 The Sixth Wave: The Virus & Growing Global Tensions (2020s)

14:07 Moving Forward

Publish Date January 13, 2023
For 9-12 Teachers The Asian American journey was shaped by contentious topics such as politics, capitalism, imperialism and xenophobia. This ready-to-use Lesson Guide will lead students through important topics of discussion that encourage critical thinking. It also contains a vocabulary list and a diverse set of suggested activities.

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