Education in China: A Snapshot

Publisher Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Author Yuanyuan Pan

Contrary to the title, this is a 68 page report on China’s national education system. Unlike the U.S. education system, K thru graduate education is controlled by China’s central government with little involvement from private providers.

This report covers educational development and reforms aimed at improving the quality of education and equality of access. China holds the belief that education is the basis of national development and modernization, and have many laws that regulate the education system. In China, teaching is a respectable profession. and teachers need to complete various certifications to teach at different types of schools. Education reforms place emphasis on eradicating illiteracy, accelerating the development of preschool education, making nine-year education compulsory, and improving the quality of education in rural areas.

Excerpt China has the largest education system in the world!
Curator Notes See the Gaokao examination system for colleges and universities.
Publish Date 2016
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